Solving Mazes , Like a Boss !

NITK Automata 2012 Winning Run

Me and 2 of my friends , Dhruv and Sanket participated at NIT Surathkal in a contest called Automata. The task was to get the robot to traverse the maze. A Laptop was connected to an overhead camera . The laptop solved the maze, plotted a virtual path and directed the robot successfully to the center.

How we see the maze


How  the computer saw the maze


The three yellow dots are the center of the maze and the two colored blobs on the robot. The green dots represent the path that the robot is supposed to follow.


Things we used

Python, OpenCV for Python and wxWidgets.The computer directed the robot over Bluetooth, communicating through pySerial.

4 thoughts on “Solving Mazes , Like a Boss !

    • We used pySerial. A bluetooth device is just mapped to a virtual COM port, you can connect using that. To follow the virtual path we kept track of the robots location and direction and turned it to point the next point and drove it forward.

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